Chalcopyrite w Siderite Cluster!


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Beautiful Chalcopyrite w Siderite Cluster from China!

Measures 2.5 x 2 x 1 inches

Also known as Peacock Ore, this colorful, iridescent crystal is composed of Copper Iron Sulfide, an ore of Copper, and gets its coloring from oxidation of the crystal’s surface. Chalcopyrite is a stone of creativity, flexibility and innovation. Use Chalcopyrite to find new friendships as well as lost items.
It can be beneficial for those whose lives have become mundane by increasing the creative processes and stimulating new ideas. It is the merging of Iron’s affinity with Venus (beauty) with Copper’s relation to Mars (power) that Chalcopyrite can benefit those in the fashion, media, and sales industries, as well as those starting a new fitness regimen or martial arts program. Chalcopyrite helps us deal with fears of failure and poor self-esteem. It enhances communication with the Universe and helps with mediation.

Chalcopyrite can shield the wearer from the effects of lengthy medical treatments (such as chemotherapy) or repeated surgical procedures. It is a detoxifying stone and may also help with inflammation, fevers, bronchitis and brain disorders.

Siderite is a crystal of positivity. It stimulates within us positive thoughts and constructive ideas. It enhances our willpower and boosts our self-esteem. It helps us to remain calm and strong during those times when we need to make difficult decisions. Siderite also helps us to "re-engage" with our job or our chosen career path and in doing this, stimulates our interest in our work once more. This in turn provides us with a sense of stability in employment. Siderite is an excellent crystal for those who are confined to bed for long periods of time or, indeed, anyone who finds themselves in a confining space. It is not only good for the person confined, but also helps the person looking after them, helping them both to brighten each other's day.

Siderite balances our subtle bodies with our physical body, aligns our meridians and brings each of our chakra points into balance as well. It is a grounding and aligning stone par excellence.

This is the exact cluster you will receive!

Although we believe all crystals emit a special energy and frequency, they should not be used in place of medical treatment of any kind. Crystals should be used as part of a holistic approach to healing, in essence helping your mind and body to heal itself.

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